Master's theses

At the Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology, various topics for master’s theses are offered in the following fields of work:

On the subpages you will find details on the fields of research for a master’s thesis supervision and currently announced topics. The deadline for the first application period for a supervisory position is until the end of the semester before the start of the master’s thesis seminar. The exact schedule is presented in the table. For the application process, please refer to the detailed information on the required application documents on the respective homepages of the research areas and professorships.

Deadline for applications

Master thesis seminar in winter semester

Master thesis seminar in summer semester

Publication of current topics

15th June

15th January

Deadline application period

31st August

31st January

Feedback  30th September  28th February

Start of the master thesis seminar

2nd week of October

2nd week of March