"Development, education and learning over the life course" are the central issues of the master’s programme specialisation in Development and Education. The specialisation provides insights into the development of the brain and learning, and the resulting implications for education. It addresses theories and findings from the areas of developmental and educational psychology as well as the relevant research methods. Additionally, the underlying research programme aims at the transfer of knowledge about developmental and educational psychology in order to solve social challenges (Third Mission). On this basis, students acquire competences for professional activity in various areas of practice (e.g. educational and family counselling, working in a wide range of educational and housing facilities for children and adolescents, or interdisciplinary cooperation with state institutions). They acquire qualifications in the field of counselling, prevention, training and intervention, as well as in the evaluation and implementation of measures. 

The range of courses allows students to focus on specific-subject areas within the specialisation, but this is not absolutely necessary. The courses give insights into the research topics of the research units involved and focus partly on specific age groups, since future professional activity usually involves specialising in one stage of development/education:

The Developmental Psychology research group focuses, among other things, on the social development of infants and children, issues of family psychology such as parenthood, divorce/separation, parent-child-relationships, and the transition into adulthood. You can find further information about the Developmental Psychology group here.

The Educational Psychology group focuses particularly on issues regarding the promotion of lifelong learning in educational institutions. This includes questions of educational motivation (its development and promotion), the development of gender stereotypes in an educational context, etc. You can find further information about the Educational Psychology group here.

Information about the relevance for postgraduates (in German)Graduates of the master’s programme specialisation in Development and Education have completed the required 75 subject-specific ECTS credits (according to section 7 of the Austrian Psychologists’ Act) for the postgraduate programmes in Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology.

Furthermore, the master’s programme specialisation offers all students, who want to work with specific age groups (e.g. children or adolescents) or in the field of education, a valuable additional qualification that can increase the competitiveness for applications in relevant areas. This distinguishes our graduates from graduates who “only” hold postgraduate degrees.